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Times Table Takeover


With this multiplication game, you’ll find a lesson plan complete with Common Core standards for 3rd and 4th grade (this is also a great 5th/6th/7th grade review game), learning targets/objectives, game directions and materials, and discussion questions for a thorough and reflective wrap-up.


multiplication math game 4th grade


On each turn, players do a lot of math! They find the product of two factors (8 x 3 = 24), color in the product on a multiplication chart, find other multiplication facts with that same product (3 x 8, 2 x 12, 12 x 2, 4 x 6, 6 x 4), and complete equations for each of these.

Students see patterns in factors that share multiples, learn (the hard way!) about prime numbers, and gain automaticity and fluency with multiplication facts.


4th Grade Common Core Overview


This is a 4th grade Common Core Math Overview. I boiled down all 4th grade Common Core math standards to 23 important concepts. I wrote learning targets for each, and paired each target with 1-3 math problems.

Included with the overview is
-a How to Use guide that walks through 8 ways to use the overview,
-a blank version with just the learning targets (editable), and
-a version with paired learning targets and math problems (editable).

This overview can be useful over and over again throughout the year, and used year after year. I found this tool to be invaluable in my classroom, both for student confidence and achievement! More details here.


Click Here Overview



4th Grade Subtraction Activity Bundle


This 4th grade Common Core-aligned subtraction bundle includes 9 subtraction activities with learning targets/objectives, discussion questions for each activity, ideas for introducing subtraction, and answer sheets. These activities can be used in centers or with the whole class.


The activities are meant to provide students with a well-rounded experience with subtraction. Each activity requires critical thinking, builds problem solving skills, and can lead to rich class conversation about math.

You’ll find:
*Word problems
*Making change $$
*Problems requiring more than one subtraction strategy
*Writing about math
*2 games
*Practice Problems
*Quick Check (quiz/exit ticket)
*Mixed Review: Multiplication game with subtraction component

More details here.

4th grade Subtraction Bundle

4th Grade Beginning of the Year Math Station Activity Set

This set of Math Stations for 4th graders includes 4 ready-to-go activities with lessons plans: teaching notes, learning targets, discussion questions, and corresponding Common Core standards. You’ll also find my research-backed method for running math stations in your classroom and answer keys. By completing this set of stations, your students will experience EVERY Common Core practice standard.  More here: Math Stations 1      Math Stations 2    Math Stations 3    Math Stations 4   Math Stations 5 

4th Grade      Math stations 2     2     math-stations-4

4th grade elementary Math stations



Favorite Teaching Tools

Get some Pattern Blocks here!

Pattern blocks are my favorite math manipulative. Students can use them to create geometric designs, build proportional reasoning, learn about fractions, play geometry games, solve algebraic equations, and so much more.

Get Base Ten Blocks here!

You can’t beat base 10 blocks for developing place value understanding. There are different size blocks, and each is 10 times larger than the next.  Ten ones cubes lined up are the exact size of a tens rod, ten tens rods together is the same size as a hundreds flat, etc.


I use these blocks all the time, especially for introducing operations with larger numbers. Kids can explore 335 ÷ 5 long before they learn long division by counting out blocks and separating them into equal groups. Solving problems with these blocks is a great way for students to develop conceptual understanding.

I love Cuisenaire Rods, and you will too!

Cuisenaire Rods are beautiful and are fantastic for building proportional reasoning.  Students love to explore with these blocks and they create gorgeous designs that can easily be made into math problems.


Teachers can use them to build multiplication skills (if the white block is 3 units long, how long is the black block?), division skills (The orange blocks is 42 units long, how long is the yellow block?), or build algebraic thinking (2 greens + one white = 14 units, how many units is one green?).


Fraction Tiles are amazing tools!



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