Professional Development and Parent Ed Services

Let's get to work, about me (2)Workshops and Coaching

I’d like to bring math inspiration to your school.

For years I’ve been collecting and conducting research and supporting teachers based on my findings through presentations and one-on-one collaboration. I facilitate interactive workshops at conferences such as the EL Education National Conference, NC Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference, and the Collaborative Conferences for Student Achievement. I also provided professional development for teachers at school and district levels, and through the Governor’s Teacher Network.



Coaching is an effective way to reach a shared set of goals. As an instructional coach, it is my job to build a trusting relationship with teachers and administrators, collaborate to create a shared vision, and provide a structure for growth. Through observation, model lessons, research, feedback, and instructional and assessment support, I help teachers or small groups of teachers improve the effectiveness of math instruction and therefore student achievement. Coaching provides accountability and measurable results.
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Professional Development

What you can expect from my PD courses:

  • Engaging and inspiring sessions
  • Common Core strategies
  • Content knowledge for teachers
  • How to engage and motivate students
  • How to build perseverance in independent problem solving
  • Ideas and tools teachers can implement right away
  • Instructional practices that build a solid foundation of conceptual understanding in all strands of math for all learners
  • Instructional practices that are research-based, engaging, and confidence-building.
  • Community building for math culture and growth mindset
  • How to create and facilitate authentic math experiences for students
  • How to provide effective differentiation for all learners

math-pdProfessional Development Themes

Building Perseverance

Teachers learn how to develop student confidence and independence in math.  Teachers learn how to set up meaningful math experiences that allow students to take charge of their learning. The goal is for students to spend less time in whole group instruction and more time developing their own solid understanding. This method frees teachers up to move about the classroom providing differentiated support.

Brain-based Learning and Differentiation

There are so many math resources available today, and most teachers pull from a variety of them. But research shows that it is effective instruction that counts most. Teachers will analyze the resources they have and learn how to use them as aids for implementing brain-based activities and experiences that promote solid understanding for all learners. Teachers will also learn how to create resources for activities that support meaningful math connections and promote healthy learning.


Assessments can be a means of communicating constructive feedback to students and their parents. Teachers will discuss how to effectively assess math learning, how to use scored assessments to promote growth mindsets and create goals, and how to plan future instruction in light information gained from data. Teachers will learn strategies for lowering text anxiety and creating assessment reflections for students.

Math Stations

Teachers will learn how to plan effective math experiences that allow students to learn deeply and move at an optimal pace. As students move through stations, teachers are available to help struggling learners, facilitate small group instruction, and observe student station work as formative assessment.

Vertical Alignment for elementary schoolsVertical Alignment

Even a school or district filled with great teachers can struggle to provide a consistent math experience for students. We’ll work together to create shared goals among teachers and common language that teachers can use with students throughout their years at school. For teachers to better understand their grade-level standards, we’ll dive deep into the Common Core, examining the sequence of skills and concepts K-8.

Classroom Culture

Nothing is more important in a classroom than creating a safe, comfortable environment for success and challenge. Teachers will learn how to encourage growth mindset, facilitate rich math discussion, and develop a culture of sharing strategies, successes, and challenges. As teachers help students shed their math anxiety, they unlock their potential for growth.

Customizable Themes

Need something a little different?  Every school and district is unique, and I’m happy to work with you to provide the support your teachers need.


Parent Ed and Homeschooling Support

Math education is very different nowadays, and that can make working with your own children difficult! Please contact me if you are interested in homeschooling support or parent education workshops.

  • tips for preparing children for middle and high school math
  • hands-on lessons
  • the “whys” and “hows” behind current math strategies
  • strategies for working with all types of learners
  • confidence-building techniques for struggling mathematicians