About Jeannie Curtis

Untitled designHi, I’m Jeannie. I help teachers teach math. 


Teachers are smart. And smart teachers who feel confident and respect kids can change the world.



I’m out to make teachers think…

Teachers are smart.


About math. About kids – all kids.

About content and practices.

About how we use our time and how to use it better.

About what teachers do best now and what they will do better tomorrow.

About how kids learn and what kids feel.




I work with teachers to…Teaching Practices and Content Knowledge

  • Build their content knowledge.
  • Develop more confidence with math standards.
  • Increase the effectiveness of their instructional practices.
  • Identify and build on their strengths.



When I work with teachers, I’m calling upon… 

  • Years of research
  • Teaching in public, private, and charter schools
  • What I’ve learned from listening to teachers and administrators
  • Experience facilitating workshops and presentations
  • Incredible passion for math
  • Thorough knowledge of the Common Core standards and Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Respect for people, young and old



Teachers Say About Me


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